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Commercial Truck Insurance

As per a famous economist, if you want to know the country’s economic health, start by looking at the number of cargoes on the road. 

The truck fleet is the lifeline and blood of any business. At Keyinsure.net, we are the much-required safety net that every business owner needs for his fleet and cargo! We cover the risk for your fleet. We pride ourselves on being one of the top truck insurance agencies. From tractor trailers to tow trucks, dump truck, tankers to pickups, we can insure it all.

Is your business constantly suffering from accidents, loss, theft or any other damage to your fleet? 

We will help you get your business back on track as Key Insure has your constant back. Whether it is damages in the situation of an accident, natural calamities, collisions, fire, etc., we make sure that we cover the same in insurance! We understand that the cost for truck and cargo repairs can be excessive, and hence, we’ve covered every liability of yours so that your business perform at their peak level! 

Commercial Trucks We Insure

From private carrier insurance, owner operator insurance or motor carrier insurance, we have a company that can help you out and represent carriers who insure:

  • Semi Truck-Tractors
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Pickup trucks
  • Container Hauler
  • Box trucks
  • Tankers
  • Tractors
  • Dump trucks
  • Auto hauler trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Local and Long Haul Trucker
  • Tow trucks and many more…

Our commercial truck and cargo insurance also covers the following:

  • Cost of medical expenses for both the injured party involved in the accident.
  • Legal fees to safeguard against third-party action.
  • Cost of damage and covering liability to the insured’s vehicle due to accident, theft, vandalism etc. 
  • Cost of damage or theft of goods carried by truck.

When choosing the right insurance company, the most crucial thing you require is trust, honesty, and complete risk undertaking. At Key Insure, we bring it all together. We charge the most reasonable rates from our clients because we believe in building a long-term relationship, similar to what you have with your cargoes.

Offering admirable and accessible commercial insurance services at affordable prices! 


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Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability

Are you renting cars or are your employees using their own vehicles? This particular coverage provides business insurance coverage for certain liabilities arising from the use of a rented or leased vehicle (hired), or a non-owned vehicle (employee using their own vehicle on company business). Oftentimes this coverage can be added inexpensively to a business auto policy, or in some cases, a general liability policy.

Use of personal vehicles

Insurance policies for privately owned vehicles may not cover damage to your privately owned car or truck when it is used for business, even when it's a business such as selling cosmetics, jewelry, or pizza delivery.

Every business is unique – talk to Key Insurance today to find out how to get the best business auto insurance, service, price and value.